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Private Postpartum Doula Support - Newborn Care Specialist - Night Nanny

Private Postpartum Services offers a limited number of families each month/year the opportunity to utilize my experience and hands on knowledge with their newborn. I offer non-medical physical, emotional, educational and family support after the birth of your baby(babies). My goal is to empower you to feel more rested, confident and knowledgeable. I offer nighttime care up to 5 nights per week based on availability. Please note that I may rest when the baby rests but will always be available during my time with you.  With a Child Development degree, I am CPR certified  and current on all vaccines, including the current flu shot. Fee for nighttime services starts at $50 per hour

Some of the things I can assist with are: self-care recovery, information on mother and baby care, caring for the baby(babies), breastfeeding & pumping, grocery shopping, light meal preparation, baby laundry, bottles and pumping supplies cleaning.

Private Doula Services - PLEASE NOTE I AM CURRENTLY ONLY TAKING A LIMITED AMOUNT OF BIRTH CLIENTS(only repeat clients and referrals)  

  • Initial Consultation at my office located in San Jose
  • 1-2 prenatal visits
  • Monthly Meet The Backup Event
  • Availability via phone, email, and text throughout your pregnancy and immediate postpartum
  • On-call 24/7 two weeks before and after your due date
  • TENS Unit use included in Doula Services Package
  • Continuous labor support at home and birth location
  • 1 postpartum visit if needed (text, email or phone support is also available)
  • Placenta Encapsulation & Hypnotherapy sessions offered at a discounted fee
  • Fee for Birth Doula Services is $3000(Bay Area Maternity aka BAM Patients receive a 10% discount)

Private Doula Services offers a limited number of families each month/year the opportunity to utilize my experience and hands on knowledge for their birth.    My first prenatal visit will happen at my office around 32 weeks helping discuss your birth options. The second prenatal visit will be at your home around your 35th-37th week of pregnancy.  I will come visit with you in your comfortable home environment,  drop off and demonstrate the TENS unit, cover any last minute questions and check in with you on when to call, signs of labor, go over some comfort measures with positions  and what to expect on your baby’s birth day. If hired after 32 weeks, we will combine the visits to one at your home with all of the above included.  I will provide continuous support leading up to and during early labor via text and phone.  We will decide together when to have me join you at home or at the hospital in the case of a rapid labor for a planned hospital birth.  I can help you decided when to leave for the hospital or when to contact your OB/Midwife.   I will stay with you providing emotional, physical and informational support during active labor, reassuring and normalizing the experience for both partners.  I will stay with you about 1-2 hours after the baby is born, helping with the first nursing and then be available for questions in the early postpartum period.  I will schedule a postpartum visit within the first two weeks after your baby’s birth to discuss your birth experience, provide resources and to help you and your partner process the experience.  I am always available to you in the coming months and years.  I love getting family updates and pictures of babies as they grow. 


Virtual Doula Services

Virtual Doula Services offers Bay Area Families a unique opportunity to utilize the services of an experienced doula at a low cost to them.  In recent years, Tracie(one of my doula partners) and I have noted in our childbirth education classes that the quickly rising cost of living in the Bay Area, coupled with this special time when families have extra expenses, means that less families are utilizing the services of a Doula of any experience level.  In order to create sustainability in this high cost of living area, new Doulas, just out of training with little birth experience are charging $1000-$1500.  Virtual Doula Services is a great solution for the couple that has taken childbirth education classes and feels able to handle the physical support of labor but who would really benefit from the emotional and informational support of a doula.  Consultation for Virtual Doula Services is offered via phone or skype.  One prenatal visit via skype or at my office in San Jose is included.  This meeting will most often be arranged on weekends or alternatively some evenings so that families can easily be available to travel to my office without the stress of traffic.  I completely understand meshing two busy schedules for an appointment in the busy time before baby comes, therefore all of our appointments can be scheduled via skype if preferred.  We will discuss your birth choices, options, what to expect in labor, work on a birth plan, discuss and/or demonstrate comfort measures with both partners.  We will also talk about breastfeeding and what to expect in the postpartum weeks.  I will provide continuous virtual support leading up to and during early labor via text and phone.  My virtual support can help you decide when to leave for the hospital or if having a homebirth when to get in touch with your Midwife.  I will continue to offer phone and text support during active labor providing emotional, informational support, reassuring and normalizing the process for both partners.  In the early days and weeks of the postpartum period, I continue to be available to you and will schedule a postpartum visit either in person or via phone/skype depending on package options, within the first two weeks after your baby’s birth. We will discuss your birth experience, I will provide resources and help you and your partner process the experience.  As time passes and your family grows I will continue to be available to you and am  happy to provide refresher options to my repeat clients.


Hospitals in my service area

Good Samaritan - San Jose El Camino - Mountain View
Kaiser - San Jose Lucille Packard (Stanford) - Palo Alto
El Camino - Los Gatos Sequoia - Redwood City
Kaiser - Santa Clara Kaiser - Redwood City



Placenta Encapsulation

Placentas naturally have huge stores of iron so what better way to get supplements than from your own placenta. Because it is shown that iron deficiency can be a cause of fatigue, using your placenta as a source of iron is a great way to help. Fatigue can lead to problems with mother and baby bonding, nursing, stress, and depression. The placenta is used in Traditional Chinese Medicine to fight fatigue and now we can use the same wisdom. Fighting fatigue will then help with the mother having more energy to bond with her baby and to nurse her baby. An energetic mother will be much less likely to experience postpartum depression.

The hormones that are produced when delivering the baby and placenta help with the “feel good” emotions and add to bonding with the baby. These hormones also aid in the production of increased milk supply.

To summarize, the following are all the benefits that you can gain from having your placenta encapsulated:

As part of Placenta Benefits, we are trained to prepare your placenta with the utmost care. The process is based on the Traditional Chinese Medicine where we steam, dehydrate, and grind into powder form to encapsulate.

Fee for Placenta Encapsulation Services is $300 plus $50 for tincture  (Discount of $50 off for Doula clients, BAM Patients and students)

Custom Order Lactation Cookies-$25 per dozen cookies 

Oatmeal Chocolate Chip
Oatmeal Raisin
Peanut Butter

Gluten Free and Vegan available upon request.


Maternity, Birth and Newborn/Family Photography

In addition to my Doula and Placenta services, I have now found a new pleasure of photographing beautiful bellies, births and babies. Specializing in pregnancy portraits, the sessions can be done as an outdoor maternity session, in studio or at the home using natural light photography. I prefer to photograph pregnancy portraits between 32 and 36 weeks as the best time for maternity photography, but will also photograph maternity sessions later if requested. Family maternity photography sessions are encouraged if there are siblings and partners - with no additional fee.

Birth photography captures an event in your life that is rich with emotion. It isn’t about how people look…or getting that perfect light, it is about the raw moments and preserving one of the most amazing events in your life.

Newborn photography is a must and best done in the first two weeks during sleepy time. 

Please check out my galleries and contact me for more information.